Redesign of the Aviva 'at retirement' digital experience | money



How might we inform the design the Aviva Retirement Centre community portal to be better suited to Aviva's current and future customers?


The challenge

The challenge was to understand how the proposed design of the Retirement Centre and it's functional elements were being perceived by it's potential users and to make concrete recommendations for the Phase 2 pilot of the community space design project for Aviva Retirement business.

The approach

The approach included the use of in-context user research to gather direct feedback on the proposition and inform a new segmentation. The sessions were designed to illuminate and assess any usability issues and overall experience of the functionality of the prototype of the proposed experience. 

The outcome

As a part of this engagement we delivered a set of insights from research and associated design implications. The research findings were additionally supported by a high quality video from research. In order to bring the implications to life, we designed and prototyped the new, research informed user experience in form of key user scenarios and an interactive prototype of the web experience. 

Our initial focus was to bring to life end customer needs and help AVIVA better understand the ‘at retirement’ experience in the existing UK market. We then identified a range of promising practices and worked with representatives from across the UK business. We refined the practices according to their relevance to the audience, practicality within the project and reflection of the AVIVA brand and proposition.

Based on the user centred framework we developed, we went on to develop key customer scenarios and an interactive prototype of the suggested experience.

We then used the prototyped experience to gather feedback from stakeholders and also recruited UK customers to feedback on elements of their experience. Drawing on their insights, we further developed and refined the experience that led to an ‘at retirement’ pilot platform.

We involved AVIVA’s ‘at retirement’ customers in the research and development of a platform to help manage their pension provisions. As part of the work we:                    

  • Gained perspective by using an interactive prototype and elements of the AVIVA proposition to gain feedback from a range of retired AVIVA customers.
  • Understood user needs and used them to develop ideas that spanned the proposition, initial visit, first use and repeat use and growth of the platform.
  • Used the insights and implications from the user research to iterate the prototype with stakeholders and the development team.