Situated devices | community



How might we use physical, interactive technology to engage people in public spaces?



We understand that public consultations are often overlooked, inconvenient for residents and generate few responses, often from groups of citizens who usually engage.  Physical, interactive technology like situated devices could help to overcome these challenges.

Located in public spaces, situated devices have the potential to enable more people to share their views whilst also raising awareness and informing the public on local issues. These devices can stand alone or can exist alongside in-depth contextual research. Combining situated devices with contextual research allows us to gather both wider public feedback and deeper insights into the priorities, needs and behaviours of different groups and individuals.

Trialling a situated device in the area

We have built a prototype and are currently trialling it in our neighbourhood to explore how people might react to and engage with a situated device. The questions we are looking to answer in this trial are:

  • To what extent does the device attract people's interest?
  • How easy and enjoyable is it for people to interact? 
  • How representative are the people who engage?

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If you would like to use this approach on your next public consultation or engagement activity, get in touch! We would love to explore opportunities to collaborate.