Save now, pay later, a debt-rimental focus?

Managing money effectively is challenging for anyone. Contrary to conventional wisdom or, perhaps the prevailing, ideologically informed mental model those with less are often better at managing what money they have. To put it another way, the better off may be pretty bad at money management but have more room for manoeuvre - or ‘slack’ - than those with less.  

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Chris Perry
Is there Financial Inclusion in Open Banking?

The financial services landscape in the UK is undergoing major changes with “challenger” banks gaining traction and the Open Banking revolution promising to “create new competitive spaces”. How will these changes impact consumers and will they lead to more inclusive financial services?

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FinTechOliver Kastner
Questions and answers

In qualitative research there is a close relationship between the design of the research and design of the analysis. That relationships is critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of the study. 

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Wojtek Tusz
From thinking to acting local

In 2011, the Localism Acto proposed to transfer power from British central government to local communities, but there are few tools available to enable local decision making and involvement in the public realm.

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Agathe Faure
Decisions, decisions

It is understandable with all the complexity around decision making that organisations seek the comfort of a balanced scorecard or a gated development process, but...

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Ben Fehnert
Public consultation 2.0

Public consultations aim to do what they say on the tin: engage with the public. But often that tin is too shallow, and the people's voices aren't truly given the platform to be heard. So what could the future of public consultations look like instead?

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Elli Panagopoulos
Computing girls

The much-awaited, yet skeptically anticipated, computing curriculum has finally arrived at UK schools, firmly set on creating new generations of disruptive technology creators.

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Eclipse Experience