Exploring the Impact of the Cashless Economy on the Lives of Homeless People in the UK

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Ensuring that going cashless does not mean going homeless for anyone in our society will require innovative solutions, both digital and service-based. But to be truly impactful, these solutions need to be built around the needs and experiences of the people most adversely affected by the cashless economy - and with their direct involvement. Otherwise, they risk being misaligned with the needs of their users and even pose safeguarding risks when designed without the appropriate consideration for the lived experiences of the people they’re meant to support.

Cashless economy is growing quicker than many of us can adjust to it. Along with exciting opportunities for innovation, this rapid growth carries real risks of exclusion and marginalisation. These risks are particularly serious for people who already experience a measure of financial, digital and/or social exclusion, such as the unbanked, people with physical and cognitive disabilities, people with mental health issues, and those living in rural or remote communities. People who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless are among the most affected.

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Who we are

Eclipse Experience is a research and design company based in London. We help organisations generate positive long-term change through impactful human-centred insights. We work across the areas of money, health and community.

What we bring

We specialise in working with vulnerable populations (e.g., displaced children in humanitarian emergency settings, clinical trials participants, and financially vulnerable adults) and adhere to strict safeguarding procedures. 

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This research will also help us to:

  • Demonstrate how people who are or are at risk of becoming homeless can be meaningfully engaged in the design of products and services that support them in the transition to the cashless economy. 

  • Specify design considerations for developing innovative approaches, products and services to support people who may be adversely affected by the expanding cashless economy.

  • Contribute to the public discussion on the issues of cashless economy and homelessness, and raise awareness of exclusion risks and innovation opportunities.


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How you can help:

How you can benefit:

  • Help identify and contact prospective research participants.

  • Provide a space for the Eclipse team to conduct in-person interviews.

  • Support the dissemination of research results by sharing them with participants, other organisations and agencies working with the homeless, and the broader public.

  • Inform the design of the human-centred research methodology developed by Eclipse Experience exclusively for this project.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the needs and experiences of your beneficiaries in the context of the growing cashless economy.

  • Build capacity of your staff and volunteers in human-centred research and design.

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